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It's a boy. Kai Egan.

Now I can sleep. And then start preparing the crew. Bern's safe, the kid's safe, and I've got work to do.

Gotta remind Lazlo he wanted to come along this time, see if he's still up for that.
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Babywatch: still ongoing.

Bern told me in March but I don't know how far along she was then. Either way it hasn't been nine months yet.

The crew might not be able to wait any longer. But I don't want to be at sea when her first child is born. I've missed enough grandchildren's births, I oughta at least be there for this.

The year's a-wasting and the stormy season is going to be on us before too long. Not to mention winter.

Hurry up, child! Grandpa's got work to do!
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Well, hell.

At least I was wrong about the quitting thing.

I wish Kyle weren't laid up so I could give him hell over this. But I swear on my own wedding ring that as soon as he's up and about, I am taking him to the tavern and getting him drunk. Everybody ought to toast their congratulations!

Guess that's nine.

Oh, speaking of which! Grandkid number one showed up! Time for me to get to spoiling. Let's see what kind of a man my boy turned out to be.
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Who: Skald and Troy [livejournal.com profile] i_am_a_pisces
When: BACKDATED - about two weeks ago when the Rune-sun was still new
Where: by the pier
What: captains talking

Looks like the water is drawing all of us sea-faring types, eh? )
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Boy, we're really in deep.

I don't want her using that rune to protect me next time. But still...I don't know how many people can get in her way and come out alive. I don't think that little trick is going to work a second time.

Come on, Skald, you didn't get to be an Admiral by sitting back and letting other people do the work. Think, man. Think harder than you ever have before.
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Who: Skald ([livejournal.com profile] loudest_egan) and Bernadette ([livejournal.com profile] youngest_egan)
When: yesterday-ish...recent
Where: Bern's room in the manor
What: daddy's got to take care of his youngest

You've got that thing that just makes you want to do all kinds of crazy stupid things... )
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Who: Skald ([livejournal.com profile] loudest_egan) and Kyle ([livejournal.com profile] queenknightpimp)
When: today
Where: Skald's room in the inn
What: seriousness...and a gift

Believe me when I say I'm glad for that, sir. )
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Who: Skald and [livejournal.com profile] foxy_hervey
When: today
Where: the manor
What: Secret Santa gift log

(Link to log)
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Who: Skald and [livejournal.com profile] i_am_a_pisces
When: this morning, well before Lowma came calling
Where: the docks
What: informative discussion between two captains

The castle's, or his own butt? )
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Who: Skald and Kyle
When: today
Where: the deck of the Lino
What: chattin' with the girl's father!

She doesn't know how insensitive I can really be! )
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It's been over a month and I'm pretty sure life is going to continue on the same keel for a while. I may as well just leave it be and only keep the ship's log if she's asea or there's some actual action.

I'm bored. I know I've got a tournament match lurking but I'm bored enough to take a long walk. Maybe follow the next trade wagon to this Vinay city and pick up some winter clothes. I don't know. Maybe I'll find someone 'round here who can actually drink me under the table. That'd take the edge off for a day or two.
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Who: Skald and [livejournal.com profile] youngest_egan 
When: today
Where: outside, and on the Lino
What: Bernadette can't even handle wine-tasting

Moral of the story: don't trust mermaids. )

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Who: Skald and [livejournal.com profile] queenknightpimp 
When: while Bernadette is gone
Where: on the deck of the Lino
What: shootin' the breeze!

Oh, so I'm crazy now? )