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loudest_egan ([personal profile] loudest_egan) wrote2008-09-04 11:57 pm

Admiral's log, week 2, September 4 IS481

Damn, there's a lot going on around here. And I don't even mean the high muckety-mucks from the nearest capital snooping around. I knew it wouldn't take me long to worm the information out of Bern, about her beau. Turns out it's Queen's Knight Kyle. I haven't made up my mind what I think yet - he seems nice enough, I'm going to get plenty of chances to get to know him, but I still have that little red flag in the back of my mind. I could swear Ferid told me something about this kid years ago, when he was recruiting, but I'll give that it probably was years ago and youngsters change a lot between their teens and their twenties. Especially if they go through a hard war and the death of their commander and Queen. It would be easier if I could remember for sure what he said...

Of course, I'm not going to let any of this on to Bern. She's stewing over every little thing I say or hint at doing, as usual. I can't tell if this time away from home, on her own, making her decisions and living her life, has done her any good. It ought to have, she ought to have finally found her own way, but sometimes I really gotta wonder. If nothing else, I hope Kyle can take some of the starch out of her britches.

In the space of a week I heard about a tournament, joined said tournament, and fought my first bout. Bern and I are a team, and we handled Kyle and the swordsman Belcoot with ease. Now I get to kick my feet up and enjoy the victory until we find out who our next opponents will be. Could be the Dragon-horse Cavalry team. Now that'd be something. At least I had a good time drinking with the losers! They're good kids. There's a lot of good people around here. Can't say as I have any problems with being here. Sure, give me a couple months and I'll start missing my sweetheart something awful, but aside from that, I can't think of any reason not to settle in and enjoy what I've got. Not a whole lot I can do about it. Sounds like a couple of the Falenans are trying to find ways back home, but...some of the locals say it doesn't work that way. You go home when fate wants you to. All right, then. Do what you want with me, fate. I'm up for the challenge.

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