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RP log with Kyle

Who: Skald and Kyle
When: today
Where: the deck of the Lino
What: chattin' with the girl's father!

Kyle: *dressed in his uniform and thus on duty, although his duty seems to be swinging by Skald Egan's ship*

Skald: *leaning on the railing of the Lino where it overlooks the dock and the shoreline, so he can watch the castle comings and goings*

Kyle: *sketches a salute as he stops near the ship* Permission to come aboard, admiral?

Skald: *watched him coming with a fair level of curiosity* Depends on your business, son. I take it you aren't here to see Bernadette or you'd just waltz your way on up the docking ramp.

Kyle: True enough. *grin* I just wanted to have a chat with you about something, if that's all right with you.

Skald: Well, sure, then. Guess I can't really say no to that. Come on up. *waves as he straightens up and steps away from the railing*

Kyle: *takes the steps to the ship two at a time, looking all around him to make sure he isn't followed* Thanks for having me aboard, Admiral. *he sets his glaive aside, but near enough to be reached like a good knight*

Skald: *big thick eyebrow raise* Something got you ruffled, Kyle? It's nothing to do with the Zexen stuff or anything, is it? Carrying your weapon around and looking all secretive...

Kyle: Oh, I've got a reason for it, actually. You'll probably get a REAL kick out of it.
Kyle: It's worse than the Zexens!

Skald: Is that so? Well, lay it on me, then. I want to keep up on things around ehre.

Kyle: Well, I'll give you the good news first. *grins* Um, Admiral Egan? Me and Bern...we're really in love. Like completely insanely ridiculously in love.
Kyle: Like writing poetry and I can't write for crap but I really want to TRY writing poetry because she'd adore it kind of love

Skald: *throws his head back and laughs* Well hell, son, I could have told you that! It's plain as day! She's been going around here singing every day for the past week or so - I kind of caught on.

Kyle: WHAT? Seriously? Damn! You know, she told me the same thing that she could already tell before I told her. *sigh* I wonder if it's more of that you can't figure out women like you were telling me before.

Skald: Depends on your experiences. Bern may be my youngest daughter but she's not my ONLY daughter. I've seen the look before.

Kyle: Oh, so you were probably ALREADY laughing to yourself. I see, I get ya. *laughs sheepishly* So that's the good news. And being in love is great!~

Skald: heheh, looks like it. Love's supposed to make both parties happy, and it looks to me like it's working just fine. Look at you. *slaps him on the back* But if there's good news, then what would you call the bad news?

Kyle: *accepts the slap manfully* We both told Ferid and I'm pretty sure he wants to maul me where I stand once he gets me alone.

Skald: Eh? Why would he want to do that? *peer* Unless he knows stuff about you that I don't know. I'm the daddy, I outrank Ferid in family matters, so he really can't go off on you for dating Bern when I didn't. Right?

Kyle: Right. Well, the thing is...*rubs the back of his neck and fights the urge to look away*...Ferid's known me since I was 17. So he's seen me grow up. And he knows that I really love women.
Kyle: I've been pretty damn blessed that Falena has lots of beautiful women and some of them wanted to spend a lot of time with me when I'm not on duty. You see where I'm going with this, right?

Skald: *rubs his soul patch* Maybe. What, you're saying you're a playboy?

Kyle: I was. Or a whore if you want to use a more impolite term. Until I met your daughter. And she turned me all respectful and being responsible and adult and all that. *siiiiigh*

Skald: *another big huge laugh* Oh man, don't tell me she's rubbing off on you! I don't need another version of Bern around here, she's one of a kind and should stay that way. *chuckles* I take it if I'd gotten to Ferid first, and asked him about you, that's what he'd have told me. Is that so?

Kyle: That I'm some devourer of women? Probably. And hey, I'd like to think I'm helping Bern lighten up some too! The thing is, because Ferid wasn't around to see this transformation in me, he still thinks I'm who I used to be.
Kyle: And he's probably thinking I'm going to do something horrible to Bern when I'm not! Of course, he's not going to let me explain myself like you are. He's going to be kicking my ass.

Skald: Not if he's my son, he won't. I don't know if he went and got all high and mighty in the last few years of his life in Falena, but he's always had that grain of Egan common sense deep down inside. If he's the same man who picked you to be his knight, he'll wait and see and give you the benefit of the doubt. Let you make your own bed, so to speak.

Kyle: I want to believe that. But I've also worked with him for a while. He hides so many things behind a smile, it's unreal. When we told him the news, he didn't even let a tiny bit of anger leak out. -That's- what has me freaked.

Skald: HEHEHEH! So he does take after his old man whether he wants to or not!

Kyle: ....please don't tell me that this entire time you want to kick MY ass too?

Skald: I told you, Kyle. Give me a reason. I may be a lot of things, but I don't go around kicking asses that don't deserve it.

Skald: ...course, if I told you what you'd have to do to deserve it, there'd go my best weapon.

Kyle: Good point. *dryly* And you already kicked my ass in one hit in a tournament already, so I should be covered.

Skald: There you go! *cackles* Consider that your one and only warning. *gets real close and shakes a finger in Kyle's face, though comically* Just don't go making her cry, like I said. I don't know what to do with crying women. Anything else, well, she's a big girl now and she can do whatever she wants with her life. I didn't let Ferid roam the world at such a young age just to turn around and lock Bern away till she's a spinster.

Kyle: *grin* You're all right, Admiral.
Kyle: So...if you see the Commander, put in a good word for me? Because I think he won't give me a chance to plead my case.

Skald: Damn straight. I wanted to talk to him about you anyway, maybe I'll end up being your defense lawyer instead of your prosecutor or something.

Kyle: *snorts* Thanks, Admiral. If getting along with the family is what I have to do to be with Bern, then I'll gladly take it. I just...don't have anything to offer her like that.
Kyle: I don't have a family at all or anyone to look after except me. So I've kinda had to learn what families are by watching the Commander and other people around me.

Skald: Hm. Seems to me you had a pretty good teacher. 'sides, nobody keeps score in these things, there isn't some kind of roster marking what you have and don't have. You don't lose any points in my book for how you grew up, all that matters to me is the man right in front of me right now.

Kyle: *That comment, not asked for, does far more for the knight than Skald could ever know. Instead, he too, hides his feelings behind a grin* Well, hope I don't measure up too short, Admiral! I wouldn't want you thinking me a pushover after that ass whupping you gave me. Which we should really reschedule since I'm feeling a lot better.

Skald: Damn straight we should! I'd be pretty put out if my daughter's beau turned out to be some kind of wimp! Now THAT I would have a problem with, young sir!

Kyle: Oh, I think I can give you a better accounting of myself. *pause* As long as we don't tell Bern. She'd worry and all.

Skald: Pssh! I know she will, and she needs to stop that. I know she thinks fluffy thoughts about you but really, it won't do you any favors to coddle you. You're a damn knight for crying out loud!

Kyle: Well, maybe I should say something to her. I mean, she's seen me at the physically lowest point I've ever been in, so it probably dogs her thoughts.

Skald: Don't tell her I said that. She'd say I'm being insensitive.
Skald: *cackles* She doesn't know how insensitive I can really be!

Kyle: *dry* I can take a few guesses.

Skald: What was that? *cups a hand to his ear* I'm afraid in my old age I don't hear quite as well as I used to, softie-boy.

Kyle: Why Admiral! I'd never EVER peg you as old! I wouldn't even know it until you told me! *mock surprise*

Skald: Oh, now you're just laying it on thick. A little TOO thick if you ask me. *rubs the gray at his temple* You think I got this just from raising Ferid?

Kyle: Each successive kid just driving you a little more nuts?

Skald: Until Bern. Though, I guess you could say she drives me more nuts than the rebels and adventurers because she's so damn different. Gotta break the mold in a way that completely frustrates her old man. Who'd have thought?

Kyle: Probably just karma swinging that way. *grin*

Skald: Probably. Just my luck. *snort*

Kyle: Thanks for listening to me, Admiral. Bern's just so amazing that I want to do all the good I can by her. Even dealing with family members who want to pound me into the ground.

Skald: That's admirable in its own right, you know. A real jerk wouldn't take the time to pussyfoot around the lady's dad and brother, he'd just go and do whatever and not even care. But even so... *another backslap* Stop being such a pansy about it. You really love Bern? Stand up for your own feelings. Be a man about it. Not an ass, a man.

Kyle: *nods at that* Yeah. You're right. *picks up his glaive* Thanks, Admiral. *grin* I can see where Bern and Ferid get the strength from.

Skald: Flattery will get you everywhere, son. Flattery, and beer. *mock salute* Just don't let the friendly face fool you - I don't want to see you hurt her, either. I'm just not gonna bust your ass about it. *folds his brawny arms* Now, if I get any vibes that any of this is going to change, then I reserve the right to start putting the fear of the sea god in you.

Kyle: Don't worry, Admiral. I'd never hurt Bern. *quiet* One of the few things I remember from my mom, before she was killed, was she told me, "Women have it hard enough in life from men who just want to hurt them. Be different. Grow up and be the kind of man that never makes a woman cry." I'd like to think I've done right by that so far. Thanks for the talk. *walks off the ship*

Skald: *blinks for a bit, and is left to silently digest that for himself*

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