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loudest_egan ([personal profile] loudest_egan) wrote2009-08-03 07:15 pm
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Admiral's birthday log

Dear heavens, I haven't been that drunk in years.

That means I haven't been this hung over in years. It's worse than Bern's wedding, I think.

Shouldn't have let the crew start me off. I had free drinks being thrown at me left and right. It was pretty damn nice to know people around here care. And like to drink. And like to drink with those they care about.

Still. Not the best birthday ever without Lydia.

Bern made me the most beautiful birthday card. It was slipped under my door when I got up. Made me sob like a baby. And I won't ever, ever tell anyone. Think I'll keep it in the logbook here, to remind me what's important. Ship don't matter, crew don't matter.

Now I think I'd better go wash up and put on my best mask so she doesn't see how hung over I really am. I could use some food anyway - I'm past the point where it'll kill me. That's really damn hung over.