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RP log with Kyle

Who: Skald and [livejournal.com profile] queenknightpimp 
When: while Bernadette is gone
Where: on the deck of the Lino
What: shootin' the breeze!

Kyle: So how about it, Admiral?

Skald: Huh? What? *distracted*

Kyle: Booze cruise while your daughter's away?

Skald: *lazy sigh* Do I have to pull up anchor? I haven't been able to get time off to sit on my ass for almost a year.

Kyle:  The -stationary- booze cruise.  *grin*  I need to rest myself anyway.  I can only push myself so much to get my lungs in fighting form again.

Skald: All right, then. You bring the booze, I'll set up a couple chairs on the deck of the Lino.

Kyle: Bwa ha ha.  I take it all back.  You're all right, Admiral.

Kyle: I should be good for drinking since I'm not wheezing now.

Skald: You must've done a number on yourself to get in that kinda shape, kid.

Kyle: *nods and sits down* Honestly?  I almost died.

Skald: *impressed and yet sympathetic curse, loudly* And you're already fighting? Damn. *props his feet up on the nearest railing* You're made of some tough stuff, I think.

Kyle: Tougher than even I thought.  So if Bern gets really overprotective of me, that's kinda why.  *rubs his nose* I owe a lot to her.

Skald: Yeeeaaahhh can't say as I've never heard of that happening before. Patient and caregiver falling for each other. If that's what it takes, then by all means.

Kyle: Hunh?  *blinks*  Oh, when she started taking care of me, she was with somebody else.

Skald: *one of those laughs that could either be funny or evil you can't tell* Yeah, she let that slip - and won't tell me another word about it.

Kyle: *this could be a trap* Well, I don't know if she wants me to say...

Skald: What, that it was that pirate? Nah, I already know that part. *waves a hand* I'm sure it's a hell of a wacky story but I dunno what's she so touchy about.

Kyle: She's probably afraid you'll rip his arms off or something.

Kyle: Something I'm going to try and avoid from you as well, Admiral!

Skald: *busy pouring ale into mugs* Give me one good reason why I should. Him, or you.

Kyle: Well, I was going to pop him one a while ago for makin' her cry, but Bern said I shouldn't.

Skald: *snort* I know it's been a while, but I remember - the first heartbreak always feels like the last. Bern doesn't need anyone sheltering her from hard things. Very few of us ever marry our first loves. Or marry at all in some cases!

Kyle: Yeah, that's pretty damn true.

Skald: Look, Kyle. Can I tell you a secret? Promise you won't tell Bern - on your honor as a Queen's Knight?

Kyle: *holds up a hand* Swear on the Feitas and the Sun.

Skald: *leans over and mutters* When she finally spilled the beans about you two, I was tempted to yank your chain. Real tempted. I mean, she was expecting it! I almost gave her what she wanted - I almost decided to make your life hell for a couple weeks.

Kyle: *chokes*

Skald: But I don't want to get predictable. I really don't care one way or the other. Bern needs to experience everything, both love and loss, I'm not gonna protect her from it even if I am her daddy. So you go ahead and do what you want - but don't tell her I said that.

Kyle: Yes, sir!

Kyle: I guess she'll just have to keep thinking you're out to get her. *chuckle*

Skald: Wanna let her think that for a while? *wink*

Kyle: You're an evil, evil man.  I like you.

Skald: HEHEHEHEHEH!! Honestly, it wouldn't be half as much fun if she didn't get so riled up. All she has to do is roll her eyes and go *mimics* "Oh Father!" and get on with her life, and I'd get tired of it pretty fast. But she doesn't, so I don't!

Kyle: Wow, now I see where the Commander got it from.

Skald: *big evil grin*

Kyle: Although, I think he's more toned down than you are.

Skald: Yeah, well, if he had gotten himself married off to anyone but the lovely Lady Arshtat, he might still be the wild child. I think she tamed him quite a bit.

Kyle: *blink* You mean...he was exactly like you? WOAH.

Skald: Well, I dunno about EXACTLY...but he definitely embodies the Egan family sense of wanderlust and adventure.

Kyle: ...so did Bern get all the recessive traits in the family?

Skald: *loud laugh* She's got a lot of her mother in her, that's for sure! *slaps his knee*

Kyle: Bern's serious, but I like her.  I'm goofy enough for both of us.

Skald: HEH! Maybe that's why she likes you. All that protesting when I do something crazy just covers up the fact that she wishes she could do it. So if she's got a crazy boyfriend, it all balances out.

Kyle: Oh, so I'm crazy now? *chuckle*

Skald: I dunno, are you?

Kyle: Eh, if I am, it's garden variety craziness.

Skald: *raises his mug in toast* Keeps life interesting that way.

Kyle: *toasts!*

Skald: ....what do you think? Should I make the ripping-arms-off threat in front of Bern? No, I gotta come up with something even more painful...

Kyle: Oh, to me?  As in, "Bern!  I had a chat with your boy!  That's the one  who was once the biggest whore in Sol-Falena, isn't he?  I told him if he tried anything with you, I'd make it so he'd never have to worry about fun with the ladies ever again!"

Skald: Oh, I can be a lot more creative than that...

Skald: *looks up into the sun and mulls it over*

Kyle: *sips his ale, good stuff!*  Something involving my hair?  I'm rather attached to it.

Skald: Hmm, I could do something with that. I mean, granted, there is a far more painful target but it's just so obvious. I need to make it a GOOD threat. One that'll make her eyes go wide. *wags a finger* You gotta play along, though, or it won't work.

Kyle: All right, all right.  I'm game.

Skald: Seriously, though. Don't you dare hurt her.

Skald: I don't know what the hell I'd do, I'm not the 'there, there' kind of daddy.

Kyle: I realize I have a well-deserved reputation.  But I've -never- done anything a lady doesn't want me to.

Skald: Except leave her.

Kyle: *matter-of-fact* I made it pretty clear to everybody I've been worth that I'm for a good time and that's all.  Enough women seemed to be content with that.  Bern's the first I've ever really tried...well...having something long term.

Skald: *eyebrow* And how's that working out for ya?

Kyle: I'm sailing blind, but being myself.  Seems to be working out.  We started out as friends so...maybe that's the difference.

Skald: Eh, could be, could be. Don't look at me, I don't know how this crap works. I've been married for ....uh.... *tries to do the math, very difficult when drinking* Forty years? God, has it been that long already? ....but I still don't know how the hell women work.

Kyle: So it's like a mystery forever?

Skald: Till the day you die, kid.

Kyle: And even then, I bet they STILL don't tell you.

Skald: Course not! That would ruin everything! I mean hell, if they did, and then something wacky happened and you came back to life here at this little castle and blabbed the secret? Total cosmic chaos! Can you even imagine?

Kyle: *laughing hard*

Skald: At least you've been around the block. You know how they change the rules on you in mid-stream. I don't have to warn you about that.

Kyle: Hell yeah.  It's like you change sports for no reason.  "Oh, I'm sorry!  That's suddenly an illegal move!"

Skald: *cackles* Yep! "Penalty! Walk the plank!"

Kyle: Does it change even when you're married?

Skald: It gets WORSE! Because you get this feeling like you ought to know what you did wrong, on account of experience, but at the same time you're high and dry going "what? I don't get it!"

Kyle: *chuckling*

Kyle: I guess they do it to us to make life interesting.

Skald: They know they got us right where it counts - right here *thumps his own chest* - and we can't live without 'em.

Kyle: Amen!  *clinks glass*

Skald: *toasts!*


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