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Admiral's log, week 3, 9-12-481

Bloody damn hell. My son is alive.

Bern told me...others told me, he was around here. But they didn't know where he'd disappeared to, so I figured, best not to get my hopes up. If this castle can make people appear out of nowhere from other times and hell, even from the dead, then it can probably make them disappear too.

He showed up this week, though. He's alive. And well, from the looks of it. Same old smart mouth on him, too. Just like his old man.

God damn I didn't realize how much it hurt to lose him until I got him back.

There isn't much else to report. Bern's gone off to the nearest port, this Vinay del Zexay place, to find some way of hiring out the ship to make some potch for the upkeep. Sounds like a perfectly decent and logical thing to do, but I just got here and I plan on taking some R&R for a while. I always said there wasn't anything that could make me retire from the Navy and I'd be damned if I'd take so much as a break while there was work to do, but I've been yanked across time and place and I guess I really can't do anything about it. Looks like the fates have conspired to force me to take a vacation, so dammit, that's what I'm gonna do. If Bern wants to sail the Lino up and down the coast looking for some sorry excuses for pirates, I'll let her - I'll just have to find a room on shore, then. I want to get settled in before I start doing anything practical like looking after the ship's crew and her income. Oh, Bern's gonna fret and fluster, I know, but there's a reason I still outrank her, and it's got nothing to do with blood.

The fine Lady Kika suggested I go see Vinay whatsit for myself, and I suppose I'll have to before winter. Might be nice to take a short trip and get the lay of the land, since there's a hell of a lot more land than water in this part of the world. If I'm stuck here, best to get to know it. In the meantime, till Bern gets back, we won't get our next tournament match, so I'm just going to do my best to check things out, keep an eye on the ship, and maybe razz Kyle a little. Heheh! Now that Ferid's back I can ask him about Kyle, see what his opinion is of this knight of his dating his sister. I bet he's got all kinds of extra-special insight on Kyle. Don't get me wrong, the kid seems like a nice guy, maybe a bit of a playboy but hey! If that's what Bern wants, Bern can have it. I got no right to tell her who to date, who to kiss, who to chase after. It's a little weird to hear she had an eye for the other pirate - the one who's got a boyfriend now - but I'm not interested in the drama. That's for old women to gossip about, nothing I need to know. 'Course, if it makes Bern flustered to think I might have a problem with it...I can always play that up. Seriously, I thought she learned I only did it to get her dander up, but it seems she needs a repeat lesson. Been away from her old man too long.

Damn the beer here is good, though. I could do with a little Island rum but I'll take the beer in the meantime. Finely aged, tastes like grasslands oughta.

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