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loudest_egan ([personal profile] loudest_egan) wrote2008-09-20 08:25 pm

Admiral's log, week 4, 9-20-481

Bloody hell, I don't even know why I'm keeping up the old routine. It's not like the Maritime Council is going to want a reckoning of anything when we're thirty damn years in the future. I don't even know if they still exist!

Let's see, what happened this week? Not a whole lot. I sat on my ass quite a bit, while Bern was away in the city looking for work and getting the Lady Kika's ship repaired. Man, I can't wait to see the Grishend with my own eyes. A bit of living history, it is. And much more pleasant than those Kooluk warships in my reckoning. But now Bern's back and all excited about escorting merchant ships, whoop-de-do. Whatever. I still haven't gotten to know half the people around here, things are sort of active. Had a drink with Kyle. Nice kid. Gotta ask Ferid for the dirt on him.

Ferid's better half, the majestic Queen Arshtat, appeared here out of the blue. Now I see how it works, I must have looked just the same popping out of nowhere like that. People telling me that folks come back from the dead all the time are completely right - that's my son and his wife, assassinated at the start of the Falenan civil war, alive again and looking well. Really makes me wonder about what's so special about this place, why people end up here instead of resting in the afterlife. Huh. Runes. Must be runes. I'll bet any money.

I had a good laugh, Bern got drunk off some wine-tasting samples yesterday, I had to haul her sorry ass onto the ship before Kyle found her and took advantage. Dunno if he would, I just thought it would be better for pretty much everyone if I squirreled my daughter away in bed to sleep it off. I'm gonna have a hell of a time razzing her about this one, though. She really ought to stop giving me so much ammunition.

's about it, really. Wish I knew when our tournament match was going to get underway, but I havent seen that pale Lady Sierra in a few days. Best be on my guard, she could spring out of the shadows somewhere and want the match, so I have to be prepared.