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loudest_egan ([personal profile] loudest_egan) wrote2008-09-26 09:07 pm
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Admiral's log, week 5, 9-26-481

Bloody hell. Isn't there anything to do around here?

I'm entered in a fighting tournament, my dead son is alive, his dead wife is alive, my Queenly granddaughter is running around here growing up into a little lady, my daughter is dating a Queen's Knight, and I am bored off my ass! I was enjoying things the first couple weeks here, it was all exciting and stuff, being in a new land, in the future, where everything's all screwy, but now it's settled down and I'm getting real bored. Vacation is only supposed to last a short time, that's why it's vacation - when it goes on and on and on like this, you get tired of the things you'd normally take for granted. You know, like good beer, hot baths, and no work breathing down your neck.

There's something astir in the country to the south, touching on this little castle. I don't know exactly what, but one of the Kooluk captains is making noise about "aiding" the castle. Yeah, with what, Rune Cannons? I'm gettin' kind of leery of there being three ships in the lake with Rune Cannons, once the Lady Kika gets the Grishend back here. Mine doesn't have that advantage. I'm gonna have to think of what to do about that. At the very least, Lady Kika is a smart gal. And the other Kooluk fellow, Troy, seems level-headed. I don't think there's gonna be trouble, but if there is, I need to be prepared.

But it's real hard to think about getting prepared when you've got the whole nothing-to-do momentum sapping all your will to even think. That didn't even make any sense! Bah, I need to get out and poke around.