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loudest_egan ([personal profile] loudest_egan) wrote2009-01-11 10:18 pm
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Admiral's private log

This won't do at all.

It's gonna be hard to keep the authorities from finding out who blasted the Kooluk captain. I've gotta try, though, because I don't want her roasting them next.

Dammit, Ferid. Now I know what your last moments must have been like.

Something tells me her father-in-law isn't going to be quite as effective. I oughta take Kyle aside, and not just so I can give him his little gift. This is some serious crap, here. I don't expect anyone in this castle to go easy, and like hell if she's gonna get killed again. Lymmie doesn't need that.

Well, this is what I get for wishing for a game to play.