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Log with Kyle

Who: Skald ([livejournal.com profile] loudest_egan) and Kyle ([livejournal.com profile] queenknightpimp)
When: today
Where: Skald's room in the inn
What: seriousness...and a gift

Kyle: *going back to the inn to pick up a few odds and ends the queen may have left behind, he stops to knock at Skald's door* Is the admiral in?

Skald: Yep. *is sitting at the tiny table in his room with the chess set laid out but no one else playing with him* Is that you, Kyle? Come on in.

Kyle: *enters the room, setting a knapsack on the ground* Hey, Admiral. How's it going?

Skald: Crappy. I've been trying to devise a defense to this strategy all morning. *shoves back from the chess table and stands up* Just the man I wanted to see, actually. You saved me the trouble of going to hunt you down.

Kyle: You know, I really like you, Admiral, just not in that way. *grin*

Skald: *peering* ...you got a lot of nerve, boy. *folds his arms sternly* So what are we gonna do about her?

Kyle: Really, Admiral, I don't think it's polite to talk about your daughter like that.

Skald: *gives Kyle that LOOK that says "I'm about two seconds away from knocking your head off your shoulders"* You know I'm not talking about Bern. I mean it, Kyle. I know you probably have orders and such, but I was there when it happened. I know too damn much.

Kyle: What do you know? I wasn't there when it happened 'cause I was getting the queen a room in the manor.

Skald: I tried talking her down, but you and I both know I'm not Ferid. I couldn't do a thing, she burst out with the Rune and no one could stop her.

Kyle: I get it. Sounds like he was being his usual dick self, but still...

Skald: I haven't had a lot of conversations with him, but everybody else is always on edge around Colton, so I don't know. Likely. Maybe this'll give him something to think about. Anyway. *huffs a sigh* But still is right. I go back to my original question: what the hell are we gonna do?

Kyle: Well, you can't breathe a word about what you saw to anyone. Things are gonna get ugly and you can't add to it.

Skald: I know. I can string people along better than most, nobody's gonna know that I was a direct witness - as long as Bern keeps her mouth shut, too. That's not to worry...I plan on never saying a thing.
Skald: ...but if the Rune's doing this, it's not gonna end here.

Kyle: I know. *for all the seriousness of what they're talking about, he doesn't sound outwardly concerned*
Kyle: But it could be all kinds of things making it screw around like this. It might be a fluke or not. We'll see.

Skald: *peering look* Is this what it was like? Before the coup?

Kyle: Nah, that was way worse. This is nothin'. *What would Ferid do? Distract, discourage and fluff it off. The mental gymnastics really hurt his head.*
Kyle: The way I figure, dealing with her is like dealing with any chick in a bad mood. Just don't rile her up and we should be good to go.

Skald: *oho, try to bluff the one who taught Ferid all his tricks, will you?* You're a good knight, Kyle. I can see that. But you also gotta know that there are other people to whom the Queen's well-being is utterly important. *stern scowl* I'd like to keep my daughter-in-law safe and healthy, as well as the rest of this castle, and I refuse to watch Lymmie lose her mom a second time. Now are you gonna be straight with me, or not?

Kyle: I'm telling you the truth when I say I don't know what's going to happen. I think for some weird reason I can kick her off her high dragonhorse if she's in a mood since I managed to do it once.

Skald: All right, then. *deflates a little, and steps closer, pacing almost* This isn't gonna be easy. There may come a point when not even you can do a thing. Don't go it alone. There may be no one else on these grounds you can trust, but you can trust me. *heavy sigh* Even if she doesn't want you to.

Kyle: You might have something there. So I'm going to let you know right now, I'll probably have to play the complete dick if it comes to it, but there's a reason I'll be doing it.

Skald: *nod* And I'll probably have to play dumb, a lot. Now that I've seen what she can be like, I'll spot it sooner. *sighs and rubs his face with both hands* Bloody hell.

Kyle: Admiral...Skald. It's not your job to take it all on. That's mine. I'm gonna stick pretty close to her from now on. Can you let Bern know so she doesn't flip out if I'm not at home with her?

Skald: Yeah. I'm sure she'll pout, but I'll make sure she knows. You just be careful. *there's an unreadable look in his eyes* Georg told me what it was like. It shouldn't happen to another soul on this earth.

Kyle: ....you worry too much. No wonder the Commander wanted to haul from home. His optimist nature would have been crushed by you. *grin*

Skald: *snort* I haven't had anything to worry about since he announced he was gonna marry a Queen. I swear. *smacks Kyle on the shoulder* Though you taking up with Bern just about added one more gray hair to my temple, so be proud of yourself.

Kyle: One among many, I'm sure, sir. *laugh* So what's this about a present?

Skald: *only a twitch of an eyebrow as he goes over to the trunk and pulls out a soft package* Here. Maybe now you won't need to borrow mine.

Kyle: *raises an eyebrow*

Skald: *hands it over, completely deadpan - inside Kyle will find a pair of black boxers with a golden sun embroidered on one side*

Kyle: ..... *and then chokes on laughter*

Skald: *breaks out in a huge grin*

Kyle: Oh Feitas...*chuckling*

Skald: I bet I'm the only guy who can get away with getting you underdrawers. All things considered. *thrusts his chest out proudly*

Kyle: Believe me when I say I'm glad for that, sir. Well, I better haul. Thanks for the addition to my wardrobe!

Skald: Yeah, yeah. *claps him on the shoulder to see him out* Get out there, take care of things. I've got your back, kid.

Kyle: *flashes a confident grin* Thanks admiral!
Kyle: See ya later.

Skald: *salutes*