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loudest_egan ([personal profile] loudest_egan) wrote2009-03-03 12:07 am
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Admiral's log

And here I thought it couldn't get any worse.

I've been watching the changes over the past week, since Arshtat popped the second sun up over us. It's not hard to like the warm weather, and the ice melting, and all that, even if everybody knows it's not natural. But I think the best part is coming to an end. It looks like spring, feels like summer, and everybody's having a good time. Myself, well, I guess I'm like them - I put the sense of dread to the back of my mind whenever I stand out under the suns and bask in the warmth. But at night when the rune-sun dims and the real one goes down, and it gets pretty chilly again, I can get a hold of myself and think more clearly.

I may not have ever seen Lordlake, but I heard the stories. This little place wouldn't stand a chance against that kind of power. It seems benevolent now, but I don't trust runes - I don't trust the Rune that killed my son. Ah, poor Arshtat. I'm not Ferid, I can't even pretend to be him. If she goes nuts, I'm not going to be any good. I'm concerned about what others might do to her in that case. I want to hold her blameless and put it all on the Rune, but I don't know enough. Truth be told, I don't know if I'm going to be any good in this at all.

Bernadette's hiding something from me. I've been good and let her have her emotional outbursts, she's under a lot of stress on account of Kyle anyway. (And by the way, next time I cross his path, I don't care what she said, I'm going to give him a piece of my mind. Nobody makes my little girl cry like that.) But there's something else up, and if she thinks she can bluff her way out of it and fool me, she's got another thing coming. I won't push for an explanation yet, but maybe if I lull her into thinking she's got me fooled, it'll slip out. Whoops, careful there Skald - don't let out your secrets where someone can find them.

I suppose I'd better stay on my toes. I want to claim neutrality and stay out of it, it works for the Island Nations, but my daughter, her sweetheart, and my daughter-in-law are involved. Times like these a man has to look after his family. The Sun Rune doesn't count. It's not allowed to be my family, no way. Don't know what I can do, but I've got to keep more than half an eye on things. Maybe I oughta hunt up a strategist. Lady Merces oughta do. She knows how that blasted thing got on the Queen in the first place, I'm sure.

Seeing all that wide-open water makes me want the Lino back. But if that little sun sits there doing its thing for too much longer, I don't think there's gonna be any water left in the lake. Well, damn. We can't have that, now can we?