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RP log with Troy (backdated)

Who: Skald and Troy [livejournal.com profile] i_am_a_pisces
When: BACKDATED - about two weeks ago when the Rune-sun was still new
Where: by the pier
What: captains talking

Troy: *Even though he knows that the lake is rising, he can feel the danger in the waters and the unnatural sun overhead, he cannot stay inside any longer and finds himself treading down the slippery slope to the docks....only to see that his unconsciously picked spot was taken, although he is not surprised to see by who* Good afternoon, admiral.

Skald: Eh? *glancing over his shoulder at the other captain* Ah, it's the good Sir Troy. Looks like the water is drawing all of us sea-faring types, eh? *he's still wearing his boots in the mud, but he's already back to no-sleeves under his cloak*

Troy: *Comes to a stop beside Skald, knocking mud off his boots and onto the wooden slats of the dock with a sigh* I could do without all this blasted mud, however. *he shakes his head, looking out over the unhappy lake, and even though his gut tells him not to trust that water, he can't help but feel the pull of the warm sun and the smell of water. He sighs again and pushes the sleeves up on his shirt, crossing them over his chest* I may not have been born in this cold north, but I have been told that the thaw around this time is usually not as....severe. *he looks up, eyeing the golden ball above them*

Skald: So they say. So they say, indeed. *glancing around...it doesn't look like anyone else is nearby enough to eavesdrop* I'm with you. Much as I like the warmth, there's a lot of drawbacks. That must be why they don't usually make runes that can create their own suns anytime they want.

Troy: Hmph, possibly. *he drops his eyes back to the water, silent for a moment while he collects his thoughts* It is....nice, for the moment. The winter is too long. *he pauses* I wonder at a power that can burn a man and melt snow and ice...what will it do if uncontrolled?

Skald: *breathing a bit of a sigh* ...it'll kill. *long pause, and then he glances sideways at Troy* So, did you hear her Majesty's admission the other day, or did you figure that one out on your own?

Troy: Honestly, pieces of both. I was told of your queen's speech....and the proof is hanging in the sky. I guessed at a greater power when Colton was injured, but this was beyond the range of my suspicions. *He watches the water for a moment, wondering if it's his imagination or if it's getting higher every time he looks* Her demeanor convinced me that I was on the right path, but missing something...now I know what that was.

Skald: *raises a finger* Now hold on there a second. She's not my Queen. The Islands aren't under Falenan rule, there's only a cursory trade alliance in place. *more seriously* Though she is my daughter-in-law.

Troy: My apologies, I had thought that the fleet had pledged alliance to her country during the wa-your daughter-in-law? *obviously surprised, but it quickly files in and fits a few more pieces of the puzzle*

Skald: Ahh...heheh, nope. What, is that what the history books are saying? I took a lot of pains to make sure the Island Nations Fleet stayed neutral during the war. The Maritime Council would never have approved that extreme a measure. *and he starts chuckling to himself at the memory*

Troy: *Thinks for a moment, and can't remember if he read it or heard it from one of the time refugees here....he shakes his head* I honestly don't remember where I received that information, but I am glad to hear that the Fleet stayed as their own....they certainly put enough work into their independence. *He smirks at Skald, watching the other man laugh* A Council?

Skald: *folding his arms over his thick chest, with a sigh of exasperation* Yeah, the Obel Maritime Council. It's their duty to consider the needs and threats of our waters and authorize naval action accordingly. It's hard to get anything done, sometimes, with them breathing down my neck.

Troy: *It's Troy's turn to chuckle, and he shakes his head again, amused* No matter what era, Councils are much the same.

Skald: Seems to be. *taking on a wise air for all of a second* But it's the Island Nations' policy to remain uninvolved in another country's civil matters. We police our own borders, nothing more. *glancing at Troy again* Was that convincing enough?

Troy: ....I almost felt like saluting.

Skald: *broad laughter* Good, good. I've still got it, then. I don't want all this time sitting around playing chess to make me soft. Still. *huffing a sigh* I've got a lot of knowledge but no plan, here. True Runes are a bit out of my league.

Troy: *Smiles slightly* Knowledge is the first step towards a plan. I would offer my own experience, but the last True Rune I fought killed me. *smiles a little grimly....but then frowns, a thought occuring to him* Have we spoken to those that bear runes here? I am unsure of the number of those that have a comparable power, but I know of at least one man...

Skald: *keeping his eyes on the waters while he talks, so as not to betray anything beyond words* I haven't really spoken much to anybody about it. My ties make it hard for me to be objective, and considering what happened the last time the Sun Rune got a chance to shine, I don't much like the possible outcomes on either side. *a raised eyebrow* You mean Sir Lazlo?

Troy: *Dips his head, acknowledging the difficult position Skald is in* Admiral....may I ask you what happened in this 'last time' you spoke of? I have read some of the history books, but nothing compares to a first hand account. *He nods again, although carefully, keeping his eyes on Skald* Yes....although I am not sure he would care to be reminded of the burden he carries, so it would be best to keep that information to us and the dock we stand on. It was a thought, nothing more.

Skald: Oh, boy. *a long sigh, first* I suppose that depends on what's easier to read up on - the punishment of the town of Lordlake, or the assassinations that began the war. I wasn't exactly there but I do have my ways of getting information. *he'll hold that information about Lazlo to himself for now*

Troy: Whichever is more related to the Rune. I know that a power was used to burn a town...but I don't remember what their offense was.

Skald: Ah, hm. As far as I know, there was some kind of revolt among the peasants and someone made off with the Dawn Rune in the ruckus. Both incidents were pretty much all tied up with the Sun Rune - it was used, both times. It's enough to say that that thing up there *gesturing over his shoulder* probably isn't going to remain stable forever. The only question is whether this land is going to turn into a desert gradually or in one fell swoop.

Troy: *He looks up, shading his eyes with a hand for a long moment before speaking, not yet moving* How much control does she have over this power?

Skald: *eyes back on the water* Don't really know. I've never been allowed close enough to really ask that sort thing. *leaving it open to interpret the meaning of "being allowed close"*

Troy: That sounds....difficult. *He doesn't dig deeper on that, filing it away to think on later. She had enough power to just burn Colton...or was that a fluke?* What of later? After this incident?

Skald: Hm? How do you mean?

Troy: The incident with the lake town was before the war you participated in, wasn't it? What of the time in between?

Skald: Yeah, about two years. The time in between...I can't really say much for. My good-for-nothing lout of a son rarely sent letters home. *he's kidding, really, but only a close look at his face would tell that he means well of Ferid* You could try asking one of the Queen's Knights, but these days she's got them wrapped so close around her that I doubt they'll say a word. Or a full Falenan citizen, like the Barows lad.

Troy: *Vaguely knows who the Barows man is, but he has run into the Queen's Knights, and agrees with Skald, nodding* Yes, I've noticed that they are staying closer than they used to. *He shrugs* Not that I blame them at this point.

Skald: Yeah, their hands are kind of tied. Even the best of us knows what it's like to be constrained by orders.

Troy: *Smiles slightly, looking at the turbulent lake* Yes, I suppose they do.

Skald: *turning toward him* Well! Looks like our ships will have to wait a little bit longer. As much as I would have been pleased to be back on the Lino's deck in February or March, like it would be down south.

Troy: Yes, that would have been nice...it seems these winters away from my ship get longer every year!

Skald: Oh, don't tell me that. I don't want to think of that, if I get stuck here for years and years. *chuckling, though* Ah, too bad I'm not as good a source of information as you need, even being related to the royals by marriage and all.

Troy: *He smiles again, just a little* You are good enough, Admiral. Thank you. *A quiet chuckle* And if you get stuck here for that long, take a trip south....it's much nicer than the winters here.

Skald: Oh, you don't know how tempting that is. But it's only thirty years removed from my time...something tells me that if I haven't kicked off yet, a ninety-some year old me wouldn't take too well to seeing this young punk show up on Obel again.

Troy: No one has ever been able to investigate the time paradox...maybe you aren't there at all right now?

Skald: ...huh. *a moment of deep thought, and then...* Oh, hell, that's even more reason not to go back. My wife would kill me for disappearing for thirty years!

Troy: *This provokes a laugh from the younger man* Perhaps you are better here.

Skald: *raising a finger in lecture* See, see? You're a smart man, Sir Troy, you know how it is. Still... *another chuckle* ...yeah, maybe sometime I'll go have a look at my Islands again.

Troy: *still smiling, looks at Skald* They are still beautiful....even down south. *His voice is just a little teasing, after all, a Kooluk man praising the southern Islands? Blasphemous!*

Skald: Ahh? Heheheh! You just keep your grubby paws off my pretty li'l Obel. *poking him in the shoulder, naturally teasing but with Skald, sometimes it's hard to tell*

Troy: *Chuckles* I am a merchant now, and the Islanders are always good with trade. *He is more than a merchant, obviously, but it's a great business to run for money*

Skald: Good, good to hear it. Well, maybe soon you can get back to it, and I can get back to my own ship, and all will be as it should be. Eh?

Troy: All will be as it should be.... *he looks up at the sky* I hope so.