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loudest_egan ([personal profile] loudest_egan) wrote2009-03-12 03:49 pm
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Admiral's log, post-conflict

Been visiting Arshtat on and off. I seem to always catch her when she's asleep, unless she just hasn't woken up at all yet. That's fine. I don't know what I'd say to her if I had her attention. Somebody's got to look after her, though.

I guess I have to take back my promise to kick Kyle's ass. I didn't hear every word he said, but Bern and I were watching from the windows. He did something pretty damn amazing. I suppose it's all he could do, under the circumstances. He wouldn't have had to be so dramatic if he'd done it right in the first place but...eh. Can't fault the guy for that. Not when he made for one hell of a show. Took the wind right out of her sails, too. I can appreciate the finesse of such an interesting twist of fate.

Heh, I was right. Bern's got "something to tell me." Don't know what that is. I guess I won't be surprised if it's something like...she wants to quit the Navy in order to settle down with her boy. Disappointed, but not surprised. She's always been more alike to her mother than to me. The only reason I never saw her willing or able to pull a stunt like that is because she never seemed interested in personal matters, only duty. Moreso than me, even! This castle really does change people, and situations. It's crazy.

I oughta thank whoever made this little situation explode like that. They saved me the pain of having to decide whose side I'm on and what to do about it. If not for Arshtat going off like that, things would have steadily worsened. People would have gradually begun to mistrust and fear. Kyle and Alenia would have been branded criminals for supporting her. It was a total accident, a fluke, something obviously went terribly wrong...but it brought out a swift and relatively simple conclusion. Instead of all out war or famine, there was one fast fight and boom - here we are, safe as houses. I'm a bit worried about the Lady Kika, though. She's up and disappeared, after Alenia went screaming for her head, something about trying to kill Arshtat. It makes no sense to me. I want to hear this story, I hope the great pirate queen is all right and can come back to tell us.

Well. What's an old sailor to do, except look after his kids and in-laws? Bah. And now we're back to cold, frozen nights and nippy winds during the day. Had to break my long-johns back out for the time being. But the real sun is getting higher and out longer, and the middle of the lake looks like it's not going to be freezing up. Just the puddles and rim of the shallows, that's the only ice around. The ground is hard, but I think a little natural light and rain will heal it well enough. Time does make the best healer.

You know, I think I'm starting to miss the Islands. Just a little.

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