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loudest_egan ([personal profile] loudest_egan) wrote2009-05-31 01:24 am
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Admiral's shipboard log, May 30

Well, there she goes. The last one out of the nest finally built one of her own. Never thought it would be so soon, I always figured Bern for the type to keep her nose to the rudder-wheel for a good number of years until someone finally snuck up on her when she wasn't looking. Ahh, I guess Kyle technically did that, anyway, a lot sooner than I expected. But then, Bern wouldn't be an Egan if she didn't do something I didn't expect.

Don't tell the straw-headed peacock that I'm proud that he took our family name, though. If word got out that I wasn't going around busting his balls and grumping like a proper father-in-law ought to, it would ruin my reputation.

I wish Lydia could've seen it. Orange flower petals on the waves, the sun shining off Her Majesty and the happy couple alike...

By the wind and sea, Lydia, I miss you.

Enough of that, now! Once I get myself properly woken up, there's work to be done. Bern needs a transfer to a land-based position so she can take care of herself and the baby. The crew needs some work, too. I'll have to look into some freelance pirate-chasing, maybe. Going in and out of that channel would be rough on the Lino, though. Huh. I wonder.

Missed my chance to see Lady Kika off. Hope she comes back in one piece. That's one cargo I'd be happy to wave on into port without inspection!