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loudest_egan ([personal profile] loudest_egan) wrote2009-07-28 12:15 am
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Admiral's log, July IS482

Nothing really new to report. Sailing exercise went fine. Rounded up a few ruffians, had a good time puffing up the sails and looking important in front of some grateful merchants. The bounty will be enough take to replenish supplies for the time being, but it looks like going out is going to be the new order of business. I can't keep the Lino in port for those lengths of time or the crew will eat her out of house and home. And they get lazy.

I'll save it till sometime next month for the next patrol. Gotta be around to celebrate my birthday, after all. I plan to get butt-stinking-drunk and no amount of disapproving looks from Bern will stop me. It's not like I can celebrate the way I would back home. No Lydia to take to dinner...

Good thing I'm not the overly existential type or I'd be questioning my purpose here. Besides waiting around to see another grandchild born. I don't much care, I'll get shipped back when it's my time, somehow. It's pretty obvious this place is so quiet and laid-back that I'll never have to worry about getting my sorry ass killed here accidentally.

Damn son-in-law is avoiding me, I'll bet. There's only so long he can use honeymooning as an excuse. Haven't talked to him practically since the wedding. Does he think he can be an Egan without having to deal with ol' Skald? Time to teach him a lesson, I think.

God I'm gonna be 62. And still the same old mangy cuss day in, day out. Least, I hope so.